Betrobot already has some heavy hitting marketers promoting it.It paid out a hell of a lot less than these guys do yet the bookies got wind of what they were doing and closed many of their accounts and so they’ve had to shift their business model.


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I Wish today I was writing about something greatly positive that’s happened but sometimes it’s necessary to bring a bit of realism and make sure that the people in the community are aware of new scams that are popping up.[Paris Pint Sized]

Here’s the deal…

We ourselves were involved in a sports arbitrage business that ran into trouble and got our fingers burned.I was labelled a hater for telling people the facts of that yet s promised it didn’t last.

The reason they don’t have their own to show is because it’s a scam.They are also offering unsustainable commissions over 3 levels.They are offering 6% a day from sports arbitrage which in itself is incredibly high and almost impossible to sustain in the long term.They’re offering 15% first level, 3% second level and 2% third level.[Stablecoins The For Case]

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If a company paying a lot less than Betrobot wasn’t able to sustain the business what makes you think this one stands a chance?

Also many of the people promoting Betrobot are using visual graphics from the sportarb website.You remember Simon don’t you? He’s the scammer who gave the online marketing world Lara.Stop giving scammers like Simon your hard earned money.

This latest one is called Betrobot!!

Betrobot is the latest in a long line of scam businesses by Simon Stepsys.[Bitcoin Announcing Coinbase Support On Wallet BTC]

Wake up to the bad leaders in this industry leading you from one scam to another so they can live the laptop lifestyle, buy houses, cars and holidays with the referral commissions they make from you.And many of the people promoting it know it.Stay safe and stay informed!


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