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The tourist industry is extremely supportive of the cryptocurrencies and the whole blockchain technology.Toa Coin appeared on the market in mid-2017 and is used to make bookings, pay for transport, hotels, etc.There are even tutorials on the web, which tell you how to enter payment in your e-shop in the cryptallow.[There Litecoin Almost SegWit]

They compared Bitcoin to a tulip fever, to fraud, they foretold the shameful end of this market.Properties, apartments are sold for cryptocurrencies all over the world.The Ontario Stock Exchange, which purchased Nelson Mandela’s hand castings, will take them on a promotional tour.Michael Owen will become the ambassador of his own cryptocurrency OWN.Offers come not only from Dubai but from all over the world.In a Norwegian bank, Nordea was banned from having a cryptocurrency by its employees.

Cryptographers, blockchain technology – these slogans have been heard by even the greatest laymen.It is also used to pay for the services of the Toa Coin.How do such diverse sectors adapt cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology? Are those always the right ideas?

Banking sector

Here blockchain technology is both a salvation and a threat.Andy wanted to visualize the algorithms behind blockchain technology for those who can hardly imagine how it works from the IT side.The banking sector is currently worth around USD 135 trillion.Apart from luxury houses in Miami, Panama or Acapulco, I once came across an offer for the otodom.Browsing through industry media, and even general news services, we can easily find news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.Let’s take a look, for example, at the latest announcement of the German Tourist Board.Rakuten, called Japanese Amazon, will introduce its own cryptocurrency Rakuten Coin.“New Money’.In addition to the GCOX exchange, there is also another cryptocurrency, TokenStars, which offers celebrities their own cryptocurrencies As it turns out, celebrities are more and more entangled in the world of kryptowalut.A year ago the heads of the biggest banks like JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs criticized the crypts and blockchain.[2019 IOTA Summit Research]


Blockchain technology and crypts can also be a tool on the political scene.

Daimler announced the creation of its own cryptocurrency MobiCoin under the Mercedes-Benz brand.Banks are institutions which act as intermediaries in money transactions, grant credits, and loans, and are a trusted third party in transfers.These include banking, tourism, sport, politics, e-commerce, automotive, art, and of course real estate and a whole new way of betting.For the latest information about the cooperation of former footballer Michael Owen with the GCOX exchange connects these two worlds.Not to mention the splendid apartments in Dubai, which you could buy from 33 Bitcoins at the time.Increasingly, it seems that the market has adopted new technology and new assets in almost every industry.In Bitcoin.Behind the colorful mosaics, there were coded keys to the artist’s cryptocurrency wallet.I leave it to you to judge whether it is right to take blockchain in so many areas of life.[February News 8211 Bitcoin 18 Summary 2019]

Tourism sector

This industry, although apparently distant thematically from cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, sympathizes with it.Artist Andy Bauch presented paintings made of lego elements.Since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become more and more popular, the tourism industry has recognized the need to adapt to the current trend.This exchange offers celebrities the opportunity to create their own token.Star cryptocurrencies are an idea of promotion for celebrities, but also for the stock exchange itself.The cryptocurrency exchange is also working on its own cryptocurrency Dignity Coin (DIG), which is covered with gold.We will pay for various goods, even for furniture.I don’t know if the transaction came to fruition, but it shows that the real estate market has adopted the new technology every inch.


Who would have thought that such two distant lands could connect something? In March of this year, the gallery in Los Angeles hosted an exhibition titled “The World’s Day of the Year”.It doesn’t have to be that extreme.Therefore, gold castings will play an important role in promotion.[Currency Mystery The Of Great Exchange]

.In this case, it would be a means of payment which would be a reward for eco-friendly and safe driving.


Here, the biggest automotive giants make plans and even test blockchain technology solutions.Just like the Forex market, the cryptocurrency market is gaining its ambassadors among the greatest fame.[Brings Cryptojacking Your To Criminals PC How Millions]


When making payments in e-shops we are looking for the most convenient way to pay for the purchase.In September this year, the owner of Knox Group and his wife announced the sale of apartment buildings in Science Park in Dubai.Payment methods are not the only bow to e-commerce on blockchain.Perhaps it was due to fear because blockchain technology can make transfers easier, improve them, and what is more, some people are rushing to say that banks will not be needed.The technology is tested on applications such as closing and opening a car, temporary access.A petro unit is the equivalent of one barrel of oil.A certain owner wanted to sell a plot near Toruń, only for Bitcoins.However, Porsche has recently issued a statement explaining in detail how it will use blockchain in its cars.Although the majority of them are mostly sports stars, there are also actors such as Ashton Kutcher, who tweeted about Ethereum as early as 2014.Next to him, the face of GCOX is also a Philippine boxer – Manny Pacquiao and his cryptographed PAC Coin.What if banks encounter blockchain technology? Opinions are divided on this issue.The second advantage is that it saves time and speeds up the process.Customers using the services of the German headquarters offices will be able to pay for them in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.The application that allows you to open and close the car is also to protect the owner from theft.In the case of some, these are only announcements.Many tourists are enthusiastic enthusiasts of crypts and blockchain.In February this year, Maduro announced its petro emissions.Here is a short spot of Toa Coin.

There are many more industries that have adopted blockchain, but there is no way to list them in one article.Customers of the e-shop could trade with Rakuten Coin and earn points in the Rakuten Super Points loyalty program.What is interesting, it was also created especially for the tourism industry.We are talking about BMW, Volkswagen or Porsche.Take the example of Venezuela.So what did President Nicolas Maduro come up with? He wanted to save the collapsing economy with a petro crypto coin, which would be covered by oil.I have chosen those that have aroused my interest over the course of the year but are also one of the most popular sectors.WCIOM research institute preparing exit polls announced the use of technology to secure databases during the election.[Decentralized It Metamask Works What Is With Application How And]

Real estate

The industry smiled at the market cryptocurrencies and welcomed them with open arms.The Japanese e-commerce giant’s cryptocoin is to revolutionize the industry and become borderless cryptocurrencies, as Hiroshi Mikitani, the CEO himself, stressed.Nowadays, it is difficult not to notice the revolution that Bitcoin initiated.Blockchain-based applications will contribute significantly to customer safety.Last year the country was accused of bankruptcy and Caracas refused to degrade its ratings.Another example of the use of blockchain in politics can be found in the recent presidential elections in Russia.Bitcoin more and more often joins e-commerce payment methods.The Bank of England is testing the impact of blockchain technology on real-time settlement systems – RTGS.This is not all, however, just a few days after that, the Canadian stock exchange admitted to purchasing Nelson Mandela’s golden hand casts, which were purchased in Bitcoin.In the banking sector, however, the reluctance to cryptocurrencies prevails, e.g.Rakuten Coin would be based on this program.[ 2016 Factor Optima Winner The Kia Of Hybrid WOW]

Sport and celebrities

It was not without reason that I combined the world of athletes and celebrities into one.Sectors that have adopted or are working on blockchain projects often have nothing to do with each other.On the other hand, what if the banks use blockchain? Here is the latest example.Ba, there is a real estate agency in Russia – Kalinka, which has become a pioneer in sales through Bitcoin.With blockchain, you will be able to connect directly offline, closing/opening your car will be six times faster than before.
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