How Doubly Rewards its Investors

Over the past two years that the Doubly system has been operational, its bot has gotten better with every trade.With the US$ 15 million cover on every trade session, Doubly now ensures that its customers do not bear the brunt of the devastating effects of a bad day.

The Doubly system has an internal ranking system which is instrumental in evaluating the profitability of every trade the bot undertakes.The study culminated with a deal that best meets the needs of Doubly and its customers.Along with the insurance that gives clients a money-back guarantee, Doubly will get a cover for its trades.However, the convenience of this arrangement shall set back the customers between 20 and 30% of their investments depending on the Doubly package they bought.[Mystery Of Currency Great Exchange The]

This deal makes life easy for Doubly investors because it implies that whatever money they invest on the platform is always available to them.FGI, on its part, will take home a portion of every successful trade made by the Doubly system.

The Insurance Deal in Detail

The deal entered into between Doubly and FGI is a get-out-smooth kind of arrangement that will allow Doubly investors to pull out their investments at any time without affecting the operations of the trading platform.Where a customer chooses such a path, FGI shall provide funds to cover the gap that release of the client’s investment left gapping.[Regulatory As Introduces Affairs Christian Of Bitpanda Head Steiner]

For the bot to trade, it collates data from the ranking system and interprets these into signals.Moreover, it can actualize these trades far faster than a person would.

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Doubly has gone ahead and secured even more cover from the same insurer.Aside from the mentioned evaluation role, this ranking system helps the bot improve the outcome of its future trades.The platform has a smart and polished, self-learning engine that relies on the advances of AI to execute highly profitable trades.

Contact person:

Richard Greene – CEO, Doubly


This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of NullTX.Doubly, which was formed in 2016, applies AI to undertake trades using various signals for many sources.The said bot analyses and executes trades that leave it with profit margins of between 6 and 10%.With its broad reach, it protects these firms from the market shocks and also covers their clients from loss occasioned by a myriad of market-related reasons.– Doubly, a crypto trading company the makes the most of the innovations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has announced a partnership with a financial services insurer.The bot factors in data from various sources as well as the results of each trade it executes.The deal between the trading platform and Financial Global Insurance Solution Limited (FGI) seeks to help provide the platform’s investors with an easy exit without necessarily hurting Doubly’s trades.[How Earn Free To Bitcoin]

The Doubly – FGI Deal

FGI is a renowned provider of insurance products and services mainly to players in the financial industry.This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice.It gives the platform’s investors a chance to pull out their investment at any time while protecting Doubly from the market turbulence.The insurer undertakes such inquiries as a standard operations procedure to ensure that only the deserving firms procure its products and services.It then uses these to develop a signals-reading pattern that betters every transaction.

FGI conducted a thorough inquest into the operations of Doubly before penning the deal in question.In a nutshell, Doubly customers from now henceforth shall, if they want, liquidate their investment and pay back based on the stipulated terms of the agreement, and earn their invested amount.[News Summary 8211 10 December 2018 Bitcoin]

More information about Doubly is available on the website.

As part of the package, FGI shall provide up to US$ 39 million monthly to underwrite such pull-out deals.Always conduct your own independent research.[Update V41 Product]

Aside from fending off the effects of unforeseen calamities, the latter deal will also ensure that Doubly’s liquidity remains constant at all times.Overall, the partnership will help Doubly to provide its products in a safer environment.doubly-io-logo

London, United Kingdom, February 22, 2019.The insurer studied the trading platform’s success rate as well as other critical aspects such as daily trade volumes, expenses, and liquidity.Though Doubly affords very impressive margins, it has bargained for this cover to help it prepare for worst-case scenarios.Whenever the signs on a particular cryptocurrency are adequate, then the bot decides to either buy or sell the said cryptocurrency.[Building WhatsApp Cryptocurrency A For Facebook]

The arrangement between Doubly and the insurer will enhance the liquidity of the system.This new deal, as such, gives users a more natural way of opting out while protecting the system as well as those the customers that remain from the effects of disrupted cash flows.

.In certain instances, it also covers the activities of its clients.[4 Door DesignTop5 Saloons]Source: https://nulltx.com/doubly-partners-with-an-insurer-to-secure-its-trades/

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