Bonus Calculation

The bonus will be calculated based on the amount of MODEX tokens purchased and hold over the campaign period.[35 Price 1 Weekly 2019 Analysis Week]

First Place — 32% Bonus (no more than 16.000 MODEX)Second Place — 24% Bonus (no more than 12.000 MODEX)Third Place — 16% Bonus (no more than 8.000 MODEX)Places 4–20–10% Bonus (no more than 3.000 MODEX to each)Places 21–50–7.5% Bonus (no more than 1.700 MODEX to each)Places 51–100–5% Bonus (no more than 1.100 MODEX to each)

Campaign Duration

18.02.2019 (12:00 UTC) — 04.03.2019 (12:00 UTC)

Happy trading!

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Only the amount of MODEX tokens purchased on LATOKEN will be taken into consideration.It will take you just a few minutes:

Minimum Holdings

To participate, you would need a minimum amount of MODEX tokens.Here’s how it works:

Joining this campaign is very easy.[Is Out Monthly 10 Issue Aragon]

.For this campaign, that would be 10.000 MODEX.

Deposits Don’t Count

Deposits of MODEX tokens in your account will also be excluded when calculating the Top 100 ranking.[ Year Zebpay Review 2018 In]

Tier 2 Verified

Only Tier 2 verified accounts are eligible to join this campaign.
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